See how IKEA Norway is building a sustainable food future with Winnow


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"We can challenge ourselves to use food in a much more sensible way. By doing that, we will be at the same time, saving the environment and saving costs. So, it's a true win-win situation.Anders Lennartsson, Sustainability Manager, IKEA Norway

Though its Food is Precious program IKEA has been working, to reduce food waste by half by August 2020. Using our smart scale, the group can understand the source of its food waste, measure it, and reduce it.

This video showcases the success of the IKEA Bergen (Norway) in reducing food waste, through the lens of the Norwegian salmon. At IKEA Bergen, the salmon is sourced by sustainable certified farms. Since October 2017 Winnow has been helping IKEA Bergen further develop their sustainable efforts by reducing food waste. 

With Winnow, the team has achieved great results: 

  • Food waste reduced by 45% over the first 12 weeks
  • €126,200 annualised savings
  • 29,660 plated meals 


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