How SAP Germany is reducing food waste in staff canteens

In only 3 months, the SAP team saved 4.4 tonnes of food, the equivalent of 10,000 meals  

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"Seeing the reductions that we achieved was a great feeling. The entire team was so happy to see how much we were able to save. I would recommend to every head chef to implement Winnow."   

 Stefan Difflipp, Head Chef, Compass Group Deutschland

SAP is a world leader in software service and the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer. They appointed Compass Group Deutschland for catering services at their central office in Germany.

Compass brought Winnow on board to help the kitchen team become more sustainable by reducing food waste. With Winnow, the team has achieved great results in only 3 months: 

  • Food waste reduced by 41% 
  • 4.4 Tonnes of food saved 
  • 10,000 plated meals 


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