Find out how River Cottage Canteen Winchester reduced food waste by ⅓

Watch our case study with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the River Cottage Team

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"The River Cottage team was quick to buy into the project, and to feel the benefits: in less than 3 months, we've already reduced waste by a third by value. And we’re hoping to drive waste down even further. It’s clear that many others in our sector could benefit from using Winnow to reduce their waste and costs. It’s a real no-brainer for the hospitality industry."

- River Cottage Winchester

River Cottage teamed up with Winnow on a pilot project to cut food waste in the Winchester restaurant. Winnow’s smart meter helps chefs measure and manage food waste by recording what’s thrown in the bin.

Using Winnow’s smart meter the team at River Cottage Canteen Winchester have seen pre-consumer food waste reduced by ⅓:

  • Over two months the team have been able to reduce food waste by over 1/3
  • That's 6 tonnes per year saved from going in the bin, the equivalent of four Toyota Priuses saved from landfill every year


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