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Quantifying The Impact of Food Waste Reduction In Your P&L


A guide for operators to isolate cost savings and margin impact with Winnow's Food Waste P&L Methodology

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With food prices at their highest level in over 60 years, there’s never been a more important time to tackle food waste.


The benefits of reducing food waste are well documented, however isolating the positive impact on a restaurant’s P&L has always been challenging. 

Winnow has developed a Food Waste P&L Methodology to help operators and finance analysts solve this problem.

Adjusting for inflation, mix, and purchasing volumes helps you isolate the impact that food waste reduction has, giving enterprises real-life proof points to scale up technology which drives both significant cost savings and environmental impact.

In this free e-book you will learn:

  • How reducing food waste can help hedge against inflation
  • How to isolate your food waste savings in your P&L
  • How to adjust for food price inflation in your analysis
  • How to bank savings from food waste reduction activities

Take a look at our template spreadsheet on food cost decomposition analysis for a greater understanding of our methodology. 

Download your free copy