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The team at Grosvenor House Dubai are reducing waste by an astonishing 72%

“Winnow has helped us understand the volume and also the different varieties of food that we were throwing away each service. With this information, we were then able to look into various areas where we were able to either reduce the amount of production, increase the use of various food items or re-use the food for our staff canteen”

Marco Torrasso, Culinary Director at Marriott Grosvenor House, Dubai

The team at Grosvenor House are constantly looking for new ways to become more sustainable and improve their operations. They are devoted to running a more efficient overall F&B offering, which led to the partnership with Winnow. Read more here.

The hotel is improving food waste management and achieving positive results:

  • Food waste reduced by 72% 
  • 50,000 meals saved in a year 
  • Approximately 300,000 AED ($81,000) in a year's time
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