See how global catering company ISS is pioneering AI in the fight    against food waste



"Since the implementation of Winnow, we have been able to further reduce our food waste by about 1/3. This not only about saving food, but it is also about saving energy, water and working time" -            Kris Cloots, CEO& Community Manager, ISS Benelux

Food waste is one of the largest global issues with 1/3 of all food getting wasted. Food waste is high on the ISS agenda, with a goal to reduce 50% of all food waste by 2022. In Belgium, results show that at the ISS Bill’s restaurant from November 2018 to November 2019, the team has achieved impressive results:

  • Food waste reduced by 55% 
  • 33,000 meals saved
  • 58t of CO2e saved = 7,396,869 smartphones charged



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