Watch how IKEA Eindhoven is leading the food waste fight and saving over 48,000 meals


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"The experience with Winnow has been amazing. In one year we saved over 48 thousand meals. We never thought we had a food waste issue. We were so surprised that we had to calculate again to believe it."  Maarten Raijmakers, Deputy Food Manager, IKEA Eindhoven - Netherlands.

With Winnow's digital tools the team at IKEA Eindhoven can  measure it's food waste, manage it, and therefore reduce it. They have been using Winnow since January 2017. To date, they saved:

  • 48,000 plated meals 
  • Over €100,930
  • Avoid 93 tonnes of CO2 from being released. The equivalent of 227 miles driven by an average passenger car.

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