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10 Common Misconception About Food Waste

Make your professional kitchen more profitable & sustainable.

Your guide to help your business increase profit, save time, resources & food waste

In the past four years we have helped hundreds of professional kitchens measure and manage food waste. We came across the same misconceptions about waste over and over again: “We don’t have food waste“, “Food waste is unavoidable“, “Tracking food waste takes too much time“...Sound familiar? 

The misconceptions we came across during these years meant people are hesitant to take action and reduce their food waste in their food service operation.

This guide aims to break down these misconceptions to help your business save profit, time, resources, and waste.

Find Out:

✓ How much time it actually takes to track your food waste How much time it actually takes

 How food waste effects your kitchen's expenses

 How can you operate your kitchen more responsibly


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